Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Grave News!

Its been a few weeks since I posted, been very busy.

  • Played some more Malifaux, against Lady Justice Guild and managed a reasonable draw - might have even squeaked a narrow win if the game had carried on for a turn or two more.
  • Played some WAB - another terrible game for the Macedonians.  The new (to me anyway) rules make my phalanxes even less mobile than before.  Time to try the cavalry again in my next game.
  • Wrote up a 40k scenario and had to frantically build some scenery for it.  I've had this in the back of my mind for some time.  I 'GMed' the game, with Orks facing Eldar.  I'll do a post on this and the scenery shortly.
  • Been playing a lot of Risk Legacy over the Easter weekend.  Its a very interesting idea, the basic Risk board and armies take on different characters over a series of quite quick (by Risk standards) games. I can't go into much detail without spoiling the fun - a lot of the game's enjoyment comes from elements that are only revealed after certain things happen.  We laughed a lot over these games and there's still more to unlock in the future.

Enough excuses - I was hoping to have something to post about a week ago, but finally a project on my hobby table has been finished.  I've been working on the Garden of Morr set on and off for a month or two and am pleased to have got it table top ready and have had a small skirmish through the creepy architecture (Malifaux).  Its a great set that I can use for Warhammer, Mordheim and Malifaux easily, I'm sure other games too.

I've done a quick guide to the stone effect I used - credit to Brian for the recipe (possibly obsolete now thanks to the new GW paints!)

First, over a black undercoat use Adeptus Battlegrey foundation
Second, wash the all the recesses (however slight) with Badab Black 
Third drybrush generously with Codex Grey
Lastly drybrush more carefully with Astronomicon Grey

Here's a shot of all the pieces
Close up on the Gate and stone walls
Various mausoleums and a statue

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