Sunday, 21 April 2013

Yin the Penangalan - weekend painting challenge

Quick post this weekend.  On passing through my game shop on Friday I couldn't resist picking up Yin, the Penangalan for my Kirai crew (Malifaux again!).  I've been working on a lot of hobby projects that trickle on for weeks if not months, so I thought I would buy a fresh mini and get it finished in a weekend as a challenge.

Here's the box artwork - Yin's an unpleasant looking character and I thought would be a fun mini to paint.  Lets see how the art translated to figure.

Here's the completed figure.  I must confess after undercoating I was worried I'd lost a lot of the detail, I didn't look at the figure too closely before spraying and things looked very smooth while the paint was wet!  I think it dried largely alright, however I have noticed that the Malifaux plastic miniatures in general have very light/fine detail so I may have to be more careful in undercoating in future, one of my wastrels has a very vague face at the moment!

Yin is based on an Asian folklore monster, a sort of vampire.  Essentially the head and organs of the creature are mobile and the body is left behind.  This means painting all manner of gore, organs and mucus - a lot of fun experimenting here!  I've used some water effect to make drippy bits of gore hang off the model, gloss paint to make areas shiny and a lot of different ink mixes to get assorted shades of blood.  My favourite combination here was using the old GW Dwarf flesh with a red wash over it to get the wormy body colour with muscle tone - very simple and I think very striking.

Oddly I went for a completely new base style on Yin.  I had the idea that the trail of gore she'd leave behind would really have an impact on a more conventionally setting.  The black and white tiles of a traditional kitchen for some reason jumped into my head so that was my challenge.  Using some plasti-card I got very carried away making little tiles.  I even broke one just because.  Once neatly painted and with Yin in position, I had to carefully apply pools of gore where I felt they may have splattered - above you can see a small pool growing the from the drip on one of her coils.  There's also a large amount of gore where she slithered into position, much like a worm trail.


  1. Love it ^_^

    I hope mine looks like this when it's done

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I'd be interested to see your take on her once it's done. Better photos added now.