Monday, 1 April 2013

Its got nasty, big, pointy teeth...

My local games store 7th Heaven ran a painting/ diorama competition this year with an Easter theme - namely there must be a bunny in there somewhere.  I didn't have very long to ponder my entry or find different figures, so with my homage-o-meter running on full I decided Monty Python's Holy Grail was my best bet here.
So here's the finished entry.  Our valiant Sir Boris is ready to confront the beast at the cave of Caerbannog complete with a little title card in case its not clear to the casual viewer what's going on.

So here's a few more shots at various angles.  The piece is based around an old GW Bretonnian foot knight model I've had for an age.  As a grail knight he seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Facing him is a little bunny I put together in a hurry with green stuff and pro-create (not for any clever reasons, just my green stuff is a bit old so after making a few bits I threw it out and used whatever else I had).  Someone pointed out I could have used the Malifaux Jackalope instead - I wish I had thought of that (and had time!) as I do want to add one to my collection, but this little fella did turn out ok and definitely cuter.
The bunny and the knight are about to duel over a small clutch of Easter eggs as you can see from this shot.

Sir Boris, close up
Sir Boris, with film accurate heraldry!
The beast, ahhh cutey
Defending the eggs
Close up of the combatants
The base is made from mounting card with a couple of increasingly small circles of foam board stuck on top. Into this thicker base I was able to cut appropriate sized holes for the miniature's bases.  Next I used bits of cork, slate and sand to add some texture.  All the gaps were filled and smoothed using wood filler.  Lastly I scattered a selection of GW skeleton bones around the site to show just how wide the vicious streak this rabbit has is.

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