Sunday, 28 April 2013

Back to bases

Another week gone by and more hobby goings on to report.  I'm currently planning for my next Malifaux tournament  so if you can make that you'd be more than welcome.

I've been working on basing (or re-basing in some cases) my miniatures in better ways since taking up small scale skirmish games.  For Malifaux in particular I am picking up minis from the various factions and its an opportunity to use different themes.

This lady is a gunslinger from the Iron Kingdoms range that Privateer Press supports alongside its RPG.  A couple of months ago I took part in a short campaign and this was my character.  Long term she's going to appear as a Gunsmith in Malifaux which means she's an Arcanist.  I had an idea in my head that I wanted really steampunk bases for any Arcanist figures I get, so I was looking for something special.

Fortunately I found Foundations of War on ebay and they had a range of resin bases that matched what I had in mind.  Using pieces of clockwork watches they've made some great looking bases.  Hopefully you can see from these varied shots how great the detail has come through.

 In case anyone is counting, that's 4 guns shes got :)

This next chappy is the Arcane Effigy from Malifaux.  I've used him in my Zoraida crew (as is her want) to boost the amount of cards and spells the hag gets - especially useful if you are planning to 'Avatar up' during a game.

This little chap is attached to his based by a pole of metal and it looked a bit naff frankly.  This clockwork base was perfect to re-base him onto with the raised central shaft from the cog.  I still have 3 more bases from the set, one is already painted and I have a figure in mind to mount on it, so in time that will appear on here.

These tiny chaps (sorry they are a bit blurry - its because they are so small!) are Malifaux piglets but I am using them collectively as the Lost Love(s) for my Kirai crew.  As I have used a Spirited Away theme for that crew, following the film's story her parents have been enchanted and turned into pigs.  So while not physically lost, they are spiritually.  I've swirled up a bit of wood filler on this base and painted it as mud - seems to fit them nicely.

Finally a bit of a WIP on my Gatormen posse.  I painted the minis a while ago, but my Minion army for Warma-Hordes still isn't based properly.  I picked up some woodland path bases from Fenris Games of various sizes and am working my way through the army.  This one has a nice little stream sculpted into it which I've added water effect too.