Sunday, 21 July 2013

Malifaux Brawls

This weekend I ran an event at 7th Heaven Gamers focusing on larger scales Malifaux games.  The event was called the "Masquerade Brawl" as a knowing wink to the larger games being called Brawls and many of the players at the liking a bit of a dress up.  In all the excitement I didn't get photos of people in their assorted masks (Ian was in a Lucius mask and wig at one point) and in one case full steampunk cos-play (Emily was a heroine in the heat yesterday!).

Brawls are games where 2 masters can be used and typically larger amount of soulstones are available to hire crews.  We decided on 50 soul stones and below you can see the crews that turned up.

This is Mark's exceptional Arcanist crew.  This is more than 50ss but its all the figures he could potentially use during the game due to powerful abilities that allowed models to be summoned, combined or powered up into Avatar form.

Of particular note is the wonderful Avatar Hoffman model Mark has recently completed.

Described by Mark as a robot-dragon-spider he was very keen to get to use this guy in the game.

 Mark's opponent was Matt C using a combined Misaki and Yan-Lo crew, as Ten-Thunders.

Here's the Torakage Matt's been working on, its looking really nice.

On to the next table we had Emily's Jacob crew, playing as Ten Thunders.  He was joined at the last minute by Misaki (not shown here).  This represents all of Emily's painted figures, but the Thunder will be adding choice soon I'm told.

 Emily's opponent was Andy using Guild, with Peridta and Lucas joining forces to round up some varmits.

This is Jen's crew of Ten Thunders (clearly a popular choice!) again Misaki turning up, this time only 1 master but Von Schill was hired to help out.  The Freikorps are actually Simon's but its all a cunning plan to combine collections to give the most choice I'm told.

Here's my crew - Neverborn lead by Zoraida with Lilith turning up to help.  Most of these figs have been shown on the blog before, but the Waldgeists are new and finished, whereas Lilith and Zoraida's avatar are WIP.  I got to play as it wasn't a tournament with time limits, poor Jen had to put up with me answering rule queries but we did get a solid 3 turns in.

The final game going on saw a huge crew lead by Lucius and Lucas taking the the field as Guild controlled by Ian.

Facing them would be Matt K with his Arcanists, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and Kaeris (as a henchman) all turning up for a crew that was very polarised with extremely powerful models and really weak gamin and totem.

I wanted to show the epic table that Ian and Matt K were playing on, Rob spent 2 days making this Terra-clips masterpiece, its a great showcase for the game.  Featuring 2 levels of streets over about half the table and several multi-story buildings it has lots of interesting locations to play over and a nice water fountain feature provided by local game designer Tarran.

Here's another shot as the game kicked off - you can see it fits nicely on a 4'x4' table as Malifaux is played on a 3'x3' area, leaving space for cards, rules, counters etc. around the edge.

The final shot from the day highlights Mark having a ball with all the large models he could possibly get on the table.  Both Ramos and Hoffman have manifested as Avatars here, the Cophee Duet have combined, a peacekeeper is pitching in and, not to be left out, Matt C threw Izamu the Armour in for good measure.  Despite how it looks, Hoffman died shortly afterwards as Misaki is a beast in melee.

My oft hinted at competition is almost ready to be unveiled - I just need the weather to cool down long enough to complete a few things.  If you want in, please subscribe!


  1. I love that TerraClips board, been thinking about picking one up myself. How many of each kit did it take to make that?

  2. Its a mix of streets and buildings of malifaux, with some bits left over (notably buildings). You'll need quite a few clips however!