Friday, 5 July 2013

Time Travelling adventurers from Heresy

Wow, my post last week is now the most visited page on my blog - thanks to everyone who shared it and my new subscribers.  I do have a competition on the way, the prizes are now almost ready so please do subscribe to get a chance at winning!  On to the new stuff...

I've been sitting on this post for a little while as these figures were done as birthday presents for big Dr Who fans I know.  Now they are happily with their new owners I can share them.

Heresy Miniatures do a wide range of figures for a variety of genres and there's a few of the sci-fi range that with a bit research could be painted up to resemble certain pop culture icons.  I selected Dr Hugh and a Sharclon officer as suitable figures.

So here's Dr Hugh, complete with red sneakers.  Very pleased with this chap, looks better in real life but my ongoing battle with my camera aside hopefully you can see how this chap looks.  I've noticed that these photos are at the stage where I hadn't quite finished the base, but you get the idea.
Detail from behind.  A nice coat he has on, quite a lot of surface to play with if you like that sort of thing when painting.

This stout little chap is the Sharclon.  I'm really happy with the paint job on this and the sculpt itself is a masterpiece in all the right detail in the right places, the face is wonderful and you get a selection in the pack, including a helmeted version if you prefer that.
Based to roughly match Dr Hugh, these two figures have ended up in the same household after a couple of birthdays - so now they can face off or band together as the wibbly-wobbly timelines play out!

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