Friday, 20 July 2012

Sci-fi Troopers from Heresy and Hasslefree

Been a few weeks last my last update, I've been very busy with holidays and other things - more on some of this next week.  For now, here's an update on my Rainbow (Grey) Knights as I've painted up a number of henchmen recently and another ABC warrior, enough to field a small force now and try them out with the 6th ed rules hopefully.

I really liked the idea of an inquisitor commandeering troops from all over the place as and when he needed them, especially if they were good at their job.  This was totally inspired by Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn and Ravenor series and offered my a really good opportunity to use figures from outside of GW's range.  Initially I was just going to supplement GW guardsmen and other henchmen with a few extras, but as time as gone on I have found so many excellent sci-fi figs out there, there's very little GW in my army yet and this may continue as there's been some amazing things  released I still don't have and think would be fun to paint and use.

There's a female trooper in this squad, can you spot her?
First port of call was Heresy.  Andy has made some really great sci-fi troopers that I've bulked out 2 squads of henchmen using.  The helmets really made me think of Halo so I've gone for Red vs Blue squads.

Follow me boys!
Painting these figures was pretty easy, they've been sculpted with this in mind I think!  To start with I painted the guns, boots and jump suits dark grey.  This was then washed with black ink (the new GW Nuln Oil is excellent with a couple of coats) to darken this down and the effect is good enough that no highlighting was required.  The boots get an extra couple of coats to really darken their colour.  After that its pouches, a mid brown with a brown wash over is good enough.  The armour plates are easy to pick out and each is a three stage (base, thick highlights, edging) process.  The visors are GW shining gold with GW Devlan mud to create the contrast.  The guns are based coated over the dark washed grey with GW codex grey to a mod grey and then edged with GW astronomicon grey.  Spot of GW blood red for laser sights and we're done.

Adding unique style to my squads
I am also a fan of Hasslefree miniatures and while I only have a few troopers from Kev (there are more you'll find) I do have plenty of his pulp, sci-fi and fantasy adventurers to use as other things in my army I'll hopefully show off in future.  These 4 ladies were actually from the Mantic special box set, I think one of them is exclusive to that set.  They were painted much the same as above, only these have skin! 

The lighter tones are GW tallarn flesh highlighted to GW elf flesh.  The darker tone was Coat d'arms Chestnut highlighted a blend of GW tallarn.

The final showcase this post is Joe Pineapples.  Another ABC warrior I've based very closely on the colours and art of Kev Walker.  Joe has looked different in many of the comics, the figure has all the details Kev added, but is posed based on Simon Bisley's work (see both pictures below).

Vindicare Assassin anyone?
My Joe is slightly converted to make his sniper rifle closer to the first art work pose and suggest the sniper role more obviously, using a spare Space Marine sniper rifle barrel I had.  Painting was a mixture of the techniques above for the leather jacket and a lot of blues and blending for the armour plates and goggles.  The base isn't quite finished and I may yet highlight the gun a bit more.

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