Saturday, 24 March 2012

Carried Away

So I've had a busy couple of weeks and am in that 'in the middle of too many projects without finishing any' phase which has meant I've not posted any new pictures on here.  I have managed to play a game of warhammer with my vampires against the local GW manager (a very sociable gent called Anthony) and enjoyed a victory against his nicely developing Orc and Goblin army.  I also had a second game of Malifaux, The Ortegas vs. Kirai, again far more of a learning experience than competitive, but very interesting as I get to grips with the rules and different characters.

On the hobby table at the moment is a Garden of Morr scenery set, a Contemptor dread (with 5 different arms), my entire Kirai crew, an ABC warrior and a few tactical marines.  I really must finish one of these...

My idea to make the Kirai crew a bit more individual to me is to include some references to the excellent Spirited Away.  Hopefully as I work through this I'll share the ideas.  In the meantime, the reason I know this film so well is that my wife is a huge Studio Ghibli fan so for her birthday I am working on a small diorama with hand made characters from the film.  Last weekend I started with the centre piece, 'No Face':

The little fellow is made of Fimo, (not the most fun I've had to tell the truth) and then painted with the usual GW acrylics.  He's holding a soot sprite, I intend to have more of these on the piece. 

Here he is from the side - he's got a Chibi (not Ghibli!) style to him so he's a bit pudgy but still clearly the character from the film.

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