Sunday, 4 March 2012

Who doesn't like Jason and the Argonauts?

I love that film, had it on a VHS video for years as a kid and as a result, once I was introduced to the game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, I had to get some skeleton warriors.

I've documented some of the skeletons I field in my army on my previous blog, you can see these here and here.  While these figures are good enough for tabletop use, I've been sitting on some nicer figures for years and with the rules rewarding skeletons without spears for a couple of editions I had no excuse really.

Back when GW sold lead figures, there was a huge range of skeletons to pick from.  I picked out 3 armed with scimitars and wearing chain mail that I could order in bulk and make a unit.  Here's the 3 poses (I have each 7 times) standing around on a temple.  I've used some spare shield details (the cross bones) from the spear regiment and a bag of plain shields to try to make the unit WYSIWYG.

Warhammer rewards a unit that's well led, so I usually have (from left to right) a musician, standard and champion in every one that is allowed to do so.  Again these are all metal figures, I think these are tin as they are a bit more recent than the core of the unit.  The banner was painted based on a design I Googled - it really should be a magical when when I use the unit in game!  The champion looks rather grand as he is from a time when skeleton units were led by Wights - still no mistaking which one he is.

Here's the full unit ranked up, on a matching movement tray.  You may be able to make out the same guys waving their swords around over and again.  With the new edition of Warhammer encouraging the use of wider and deeper units, this presents a bit of a problem for me as I don't know if I'll find any skeletons that match the aesthetic of these guys.  The closest I've found so far is Foundry's and Reaper's but I'm not sure I like them enough.  

Here's the unit ranked up including my Wight King from my previous post.  He fits in quite nicely, but has a darker, more gritty feel to him, which is fine as he's a lot older and nastier.

I might try mixing these in with Mantic skeletons.  You'll see how they look and the first one I've painted in this previous blog entry on my brother's site.

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