Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rival crews

I've been taking the odd snap of my opponent's crews as and when I remember to.  A couple of them I've shown before, but here's a collection of largely painted crews doing the rounds at the moment.  There are more crews in my local group so I'll try to remember to capture them as and when they appear.

First up is the Nicodeem crew from the local henchman Matthew.  These chaps were painted with a Mardi-Gras theme - Matthew has several versions of Nicodeem now.  Since this photo was taken Matthew has progressed his crew to include a totem, an avatar and several unpleasant minions I have yet to face, like Bette Noir.  I'll endeavour to get an updated shot once the show down is scheduled!

Next up is the Marcus crew belonging to Carl.  I'm facing this crew again this coming week so it'll be good to see how this has grown since these humble beginnings.  I know there's a lot more beasts that could potentially be turning up.  I especially like the bases on this crew.

This is Andy's Perdita crew.  Andy is very new to painting minis and it good to see him progressing and working on figures from various games.  Andy does have a fairly broad Malifaux guild collection so I hope to see more interesting combinations in the near future.  In the back ground you can see a swamp built using the guide I posted last year and painted by Rob the local store owner.

Largely considered to be the player to beat in the local area, Mark has been running Ramos recently, although he has a large collection of guild figures too.  There's some great light source painting here and bold schemes running across the figures.  Facing Avatar Ramos, the Coryphee duet and Lazarus in a single crew (roughly 35 soul stones here) was terrifying I can tell you.  I managed to take the Coryphee down sacrificing both my Stitched Togethers to achieve this.  Lazarus I managed to blast apart with concentrated Avatar Zoraida pins and needles power.  After this is was a case of stick to the strategies and schemes to pull off a very narrow win (7-6) and worry about the next time I face this pain train (or possibly Mei Feng now as Mark both owns that crew and the name fits better).

Finally for today we have Rob's crew, lead by Leviticus.  There's some great painting in here, the bright greens and pinks are very eye catching and the skin tone and highlights on the abominations/engine is unusual and effective.  An usual crew as they don't get to draw cards in the normal way, the focus is to get Leviticus to die as often as possible and return to life to reap the benefits. Rob's got an interesting collection of figures here, heading largely down the undead path to start, with Guild Autopsies and Punk Zombies.  There's a sneaky effigy in here too for some card manipulation tricks.  Rob's had some mixed luck with this crew, I was able to keep Leviticus from returning to life by dealing with his waifs (the colourful ladies) with my gunslinger and when all else failed, mind controlling Rusty Alice to finish the job.

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