Friday, 4 May 2012

Getting ready

Just a quick post to get up to date and clear the decks for the next series of posts.

The main, full sized rulebook.
Now rarer than hen's teeth.
I've been getting prepared to take part in a Malifaux tournament.  I've never actually taken part in a competitive event before so this is something new.  It's been billed as a starter event so hopefully I wont feel like a total idiot.  As a result I've been painting a lot and playing a number of games to 'get my win on' as the event organiser would put it.  I've also been trying to read up on as much as I can - knowing that some characters can instant kill you in revenge for killing them is good to know...

I managed to watch and then take part in a game last week, my opponent was using a crew lead by, essentially, a giant evil wooden puppet.  It was a fairly unique gaming experience, one of the reasons I am currently enjoying the game so much!

I always thought Punch and Judy were sinister...
Sadly we ran out of time to complete the game, so it ended on a draw.  I was hopeful I could turn the game into a win given a full game, so a very useful learning experience.

Mine's like this, but green and
not ready for blogging
I also squeezed in a game of 40k this week.  It was a chance to try out my Contemptor dreadnought.  I had agreed with my opponent (good old Greg) that we could both use things from the Imperial Armour book that had the 40k stamp on it.

Greg tried out a couple of Warp Hunters.  Turns out they aren't very 40k ready - some might even say they are 'broken'.  So this combined with an unbelievable turn of saving throws from Greg's assorted turbo boosting jetbikes and apparently invulnerable farseer meant I lost 7-5 on kill points to a very well commanded Eldar army.  The game was fun all the same but I think we'll save the Forge World rules for really big games in future.

So its back to the painting table to see if I can get all my figures in a reasonable state for tomorrow.  Report and finally some pictures of my crew soon to follow.

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