Sunday, 4 August 2013

More Malifaux figures

Well this week I have mostly been painting my kitchen and looking at my much delayed but very exciting Kickstarter goodies - more on those in some future posts hopefully.  A heads up that my genestealer giveaway ends tomorrow - I am finding I literally can't give them away currently.

Rather than let the weekend pass without a post, here's some Malifaux figures I've finished this year and not posted for one reason or another.

First up is a warden I painted for Ian at my local gaming club.  He was kind enough to let me have his Shang figure so I offered to fix the warden up and paint it (it was missing a claw).  I've used my snow base technique here, without the snow that is.

Next its a couple of Waldgeists.  These beasties featured in my brawl blog the other week for the first time and I thought I'd show them in a bit more detail.  I've used the Fenris games woodland bases here, extras from my gatorman squad.  These are a very recent purchase - with the immenent release of Malifaux version 2.0 I discovered they are useful to a Zoraida crew in the new version and I like the current models.  If the new plastic versions are good too, well they fit into at least 3 crews I have (Zoraida, Lillith and Marcus) so it wont hurt to have some variety!

This ugly critter is an Insidious Madness.  Its usable by both my Zoraida and Kirai crew, but I haven't actually put it on the table yet.  Clearly inspired by Lovecraftian themes, I added an interesting bit of freehand to the base :)
These dapper looking ne'er-do-wells are my Wastrels from my long time in progress Lucas McCabe crew. Again using my snow basing technique (plus a few cacti), all of my Guild models will be based on slate (cork) to tie them together visually.  These are the only other plastic Wyrd figures I have completed so far aside from Yin. I did manage to undercoat these without losing any detail but I have to say they are a challenge to paint with the sculpted details being so fine.  I hope I get better at completing them, although I hear the later releases are improving in terms of both the detail and not using such tiny components separately (the bowler hat for example).


  1. I tried to comment the other day about your blue 'stealer, for some reason my ipad refused to post it! Looks like someone's beaten me to it now, never mind!

    Like the paint job on the insidious madness, looks really good

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan

      You could have thrown your name in the hat. I have an unpainted one spare if that would cheer you up?

  2. Those wastrels really do look good eh? malifaux is good for that sort of mini and you do a lovely job of painting them

    1. Many thanks for the kind words Andy - another genestealer winner!