Monday, 20 May 2013

40k Apocalypse "Big Cap Battle"

Last weekend I posted that I was preparing for a large 40k game.  Turns out it wasn't large, it was colossal!  I had a great time with the Big Cap gamers and we're already planning what we might do next.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and the ramblings that follow, there's a lot of pictures so this might freeze your browser a bit!
Chaos Reaver.  'Nuff said?
The Big Cap gamers are (left to right) "Slash" Ben, "Viking" Tristan , Ross "Whitehorn", Wiggy the Gnome and Rasta Dave.  You are fortunate I wasn't in the shot :)

Loads more after the jump

So arriving at 9am we got set up at Burton town hall as part of the Beer and Pretzel event happening all weekend.  First task was set up a marshalling area and assemble the forces.
The forces of good arrayed for battle!
The assorted forces of destruction!
Tristan turned up after a lot of shots were taken so shown here in small-o-vision are:
The second Leviathan (silver)
The second greater Brass Scorpion,
3 Grey Knight Dreads and
a Dreadknight, all Tristan's
Here we have (left to right):
Deathwing Terminators (mine)
Marko (Ross) - count as Riptide
Spaceshark Terminators (Wiggy)
Riptide and drones (mine)
More Spacesharks (Wiggy)
Hammerstein and Mek Quake (mine)
Contemptor Dread (mine)
Sir Bedivere/ Knight Paladin (mine)
2 Sentinels (Ross)
Dark Angel Dread (mine)
Spaceshark Dread (Wiggy)
4 Knights forming the house of Dave, including a Baron
The first Warhound (Ben)
6 Knights forming the house of Ben, including Baron
The loyalist Reaver (Ben)
The reaver again (its so damn big, Ben)
The second warhound (Ben)
The house of Ben, better shot
The house of Dave, better shot
12 Killer Kanz (Ross)
Bill and Ben the stompers (Wiggy)
The first greater Brass Scorpion (Ross)
3 Defilers (Ross)
The Chaos Reaver (Ben)
the first Dream Forge Leviathan (Ross)
A Decimator (Dave)
A huge converted counts as Defiler (Dave)
An Ork megadread (Ben, I think!)
Turn one, dreads, termies and other smaller walkers only!
The end of the table, the termies hide!
The tide of Kanz turn up.  Ross rolls invisible dice, Tristan doesn't watch
Turn 2 forces advance and dig in, the ground is shaking, big things are moving...
Turn 4, some Knights turn up yay!
Turn 4, I see your Knights and raise you 3 defilers...  The titans watch on from afar
Turn 5 more Knights arrive at the opposite flank - somehow some Kanz are still wandering about
Turn 6 All the Knights are here!
As more defilers turn up and my flank looks weak a pair of riptides jet pack in to help save the day
The forces of destruction bring even more Defilers into the game and finally the first super heavy arrives!  Its a Stomper named Bill (or possibly Ben).  The ante is upped.

I see your stomper and raise you 2 warhounds (turn 11??)
Dave tried to order the warhound around sheep dog style with mixed success
My last terminator throws caution to the wind to advance on the enemy
Damage is starting to tell on the Knights, most are on fire...
Argh!  Its a Stomper and a Scorpion!  Never fear my one terminator with a sword will deal with that...
Ross looks pensive as the beer arrives and the Warhounds take aim
Its a reaver!  Good job too, the Leviathans (counts as Warhounds) have turned up as well
Warhound 1 takes aim!  Boom!  No more scorpion!

...and then Warhound 2 does the same!

Actually we discovered we did this wrong and put them back on again, but we'd done the photos by then so I had to use them.
A critical moment in the battle.  After taking the stomper down to 2 hull points, 
advised by Dave I charged both riptides into the stomper.  
It survived, killed both and then killed the warhound in the next turn, blowing itself up in the process!
The balanced was tipped and the forces of destruction started to clean up
There wasn't much left on the good side at this point and the two reavers size each other up.

The yellow one survived...

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